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HoHeng Watches has been offering its customers with Replica watches at affordable prices since 2005. One of the oldest online Replica watches retailers, HoHeng Watches has a catalog of name-brand replica watches such as Rolex, AudemarsPiguet, Panerai and more.

Each listing offers seven to eight pictures for customers to view. Customers can learn more about products by visiting the RWF. The forums offer more pictures as well as videos and reviews about our products and service. We entertain all reviews – positive and negative, using negative reviews as a way to improve our company’s services.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to sign up on the forum to learn more but must abide by forum rules to continue its use.

Once payment has been received, we will conduct a quality check. We want to make sure that our replica watches are in perfect working order before shipment. We will send pictures of the product to the customer within 72 hours for their review. Customers are asked to stay in contact with us for any questions or concerns they may have.

Should a customer receive a faulty watch, the customer will be responsible for shipment back to our company. However, we will ship the replaced/repaired product for free.

We do offer a one-to-one replacement if your package is lost or seized or a refund. If you choose to reship it, please be aware that it will take some time to get it out to you. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Payment Options

We accept PayPal, credit cards, BitCoin and Bank Transfer payments.

Orders placed on our website are not completed until we have ensured the product is in stock. Once this has been verified, customers will receive a payment link. A 3D Secure Authentication Code is provided to customers who use the credit card system. In cases where your bank declines payment, you will need to call them to continue with the transaction.

PayPal payments are accepted but are reserved for previous customers or reputable RWI users.

Shipping Timeframes

Shipping from China to Malaysia takes up to five business days. We process the order within 24 hours and ship via DHL to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the US. DHL is the only shipping service we work with. However, we do offer free shipping on all our products.

For European orders, shipments are sent directly from China to the UK. From there, the order is shipped via the UK to reduce the chances of customs seizing the package.

Each replica watch is sourced in China and shipped through Malaysia. We offer the same price or lower than China sellers with faster shipment by DHL.

No Refunds

All sales are final; no refund requests will be entertained. We only want to deal with buyers who are serious about our products. We reserve the right to deny transactions from previous customers who have submitted a PayPal dispute, credit card chargeback, etc.

Special Note: If you are unsure of a watch’s value, please check out our “Maker” on the product listing. Post it to the forum and other forum users can explain its value.

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