Every time Richard Mille has something innovative ideas to add in, it watches and brings up the watch industry's subtle art. However, the invention of Richard Mille rm 53-01 tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough was started with the partnership of Richard Mille with Pablo Mac Donough, a famous polo player.

The new watch's appearance has a classic Mille creation along with the tonneau case made of carbon tpt. Moreover, the visible spline screws with the futuristic open-worked movement at the center stage. The movement happens to be at the six o clock, where a large tourbillion with the support of steel pulleys and cables system to hold the position to absorb some severe shocks.

Apart from other miles of miles, the Richard Mille rm 53-01 tourbillon Pablo mac Donough includes a high-efficiency winding system, a free-sprung, a fast-rotating barrel for a continues performance and variable inertia balance. Richard Mille has developed rm 53-01 in such a complicated way that it can endure severe shock easily.

Moreover, the transparent sapphire glass will give you the view of the internal caliber movement along the steel pulleys and cables hold on the watch's position. However, few people can buy one of these watches, but many of the population may not afford it. So to complete the needs of many customers, replica manufacturers are providing great quality watches online. If you are looking for the replica Richard Mille tourbillon, you have to find an authorized online seller to provide you genuine replica for your purchase.

What Makes This Watch Unique?

If you look at the old watches of Richard Mille, it has collaborated with many other renowned watch companies and manufactured some unique design watches for a different purpose. If you glance over the rm053 design and the new rm053 -1 has the same case structure, you can take the difference of both watches.

The brand new watch of rm 053-1 is equipped with a cable suspension system and movement filling the large opening of the watch. It is quite interesting as the movement architecture to the suspension system to the weight reduction measurement. The sapphire glass enables you to look at both sides' movement mechanisms that it front and back. The design and shock absorption features make it unique.

The Dimension Of Rm053-01

As we know that why this watch is unique, let us focus on the dimension of rm053-01. It has a dimension of 44.5*49.94mm watch along with a case thickness of 16.15mm. The material used in the case is carbon tpt, which is highly resistant to corrosion, and it can resist water upto 50 meters. The strap of rm053-01 comes in many different colors, thus the most famous strap color blue silicone.

Moreover, it has a tourbillon and minutes and hours of hands that work by the powerful caliber of rm053-01. It has 70 hours of power reserve along with 3hz of frequency rate. For many years, Richard Mille is known for its unique design watches, and he manages to maintain 19 jewels in the caliber movement for precise timing details.

After collaborating with the popular polo-player Pablo mac Donough, this watch is suitable for various sports like hockey, polo, football, etc. It is made from the superior material that ensures strength and solidness, making it suitable for wearing in sports that have difficult tasks. Though there is many replica Richard Mille tourbillon out there some worth the price, make sure you choose wisely.

Let talk about the feature of the rm053-01

The Dial

The dial includes laminated sapphire in a carbon tpt case that enables the user to view the watch's caliber movement from the front and the back. These astonishing pair make the watch design breathtaking. It can endure the shocks of different games with donough. The mile company has designed the product sturdy and solid. It means that you can play any game while wearing it.

However, the glass used in the replica watches might get shattered if it took a sturdy shock. It would be best for you not to wear the replica watch while playing any physically demanding game. It will help you to retain the quality of the watch for a longer period.

Richard Mille Rm 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough

The Movement

The movement of rm053-01 has serious support of steel cables and pulleys, making it robust to endure some serious and still works. The base plate has been fixed with the case and supports the movement mechanism.

Though there two base plates, one is a central base plate, and the other is a peripheral base plate. The central base plate help to keep the position of the winding mechanism and caliber. The cable system consists of a three-dimensional structure, which includes four tensioners and ten pulleys. It makes the watch stiff due to the double base plates and five titanium.

Other Aspects

The watch has a progressive recoil that allows the winding again while moving around. It has several spline screws of grade 5 titanium for cases and bridges. It also features a grey and black PVD treatment for base plates and bridges in the movement mechanism. This product's finishing is upto the mark that ensures a polished case with burnished pivots and micro-blasting surfaces. Diamonds used in are also polished mixed with other decorations. Very few changes were done to the wheel to retain the history and overall performance of the watch.

Richard Mille is renowned for its unique and astonishing inventions. You have witnessed another great craftsmanship in rm053-01. It was innovated after collaborating with Pablo mac donough, thus making it sturdy and solid look enables the owner to wear it in any sport. Moreover, the watch has various unique features that allow people to unleash their potential.

Though it comes in 30 different models, the main timepiece is the dial and the blue silicone straps. Many people cannot afford this watch, but many online sellers can sell replica Richard Mille tourbillon at a reasonable rate. You have to find an authentic dealer that sells a replica of the rm053-01 watch.