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Noob Factory can be considered one of the largest and longest-lasting factory creating quality replica watches. The main focus of Noob Factory is creating replica watches and they’ve been at it for over ten years now. Their experience shows through in their work and their work is the reason that they’ve lasted so long. The quality that goes into their work has made Noob Factory replicas some of the best on the market.

It’s as simple as if you find a Noob Factory watch then there’s no need to try and find anything else. The works of those other factories will never be able to surpass the work of Noob Factory. Except for perhaps the original product of course! If you want a quality replica then you need Noob Factory. Other brands just can’t compare.

Noob Factory makes replicas of plenty of popular brands including Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross, Breitling, Cartier, Ebel, Franck Muller, Graham, IWC, Jacob and Co, Jager Lecoultre, Montblanc, Omega, Panerai, Porsche Design, Rolex, Ulysse Nardin and, finally, Zenith; a total of 17 brands. Their flagships brands are definitely the big five of AP, Breitling, Omega, Panerai, and Rolex. Their work with these five brands is completely unparalleled by anyone else. Though don’t let that make you think their work with the other 12 brands is of a lesser quality. They make great replicas for all these brands.

While they do make a lot of different replica watches their most famous replica is undoubtedly the Rolex Submariner with Ceramic Bezel. This replica watch is currently available in V3, V4, V5, V6 and V6s on the market with The V7 being the latest model. While the latest model is no doubt the best the other versions are still great. Other replicas have different models too with the models updated from time to time to perfect the replica.

Their second most popular replica Noob Factory offers is the Panerai III with 6497 movement. This kind of replica is very well made and, because of that, it’s almost always out of stock thanks to the demand of the product and the limited amount they make. So make sure that you grab one if you can find it on the market because they’re pretty hard to come by.

Their replica watches are mainly made with movement 7750, 7753, 2836, 2824, and 6497. Their best selling models are made with the Asian 2836 movement. These watches run very accurately when compared to watches using other movements. So you can be sure you’re getting a quality watch replica or not.

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