The platinum Rolex Daytona has met much expectation of the people and subverted them by introducing a cerachrom bezel made from a platinum metal and fitting the bezel brown color and complementing it with an ice blue color on the dial.

The ice blue dial you see in the platinum timepiece is made from the inspiration of luxury and excellent sports watch. When it was released, it has been the third Rolex Daytona that features the cerachrom bezel. The bracelet is made from the oyster steel, and the case is made from the finest material that is platinum.

The chestnut brown bezel has a tachymetric scale that is inscribed in platinum. It is equipped with the dual function of start and stop operation for precise timing. Moreover, you will see a 30 minutes counter at three o clock and 12 hours small counter at nine o clock. It is made from platinum material, which is highly resistant to corrosion.

It has a perpetual automatic 4130 movement mechanism, and the platinum steel can resist water upto 100 meters; thus, making it perfect for runners. It has a great power reserve of 72 hours. However, you get the same features in the Daytona ice blue replica; so let focus on the features of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506:

A Flawless Dial

The ice-blue dial is the exclusive and discreet signature of platinum watches by Rolex. Rolex uses the noblest of metal that is platinum, for its finest watches. You will notice a warm, chestnut, rich brown harmonizing with the ice blue cool that makes it an aesthetic look that makes it stand out from the crowd of racetrack watches.

It was named after the history of dusty Daytona international speedway; it was known for the fastest racing circuit first opened in North America. The dial has a 30-minute timer at three o clock and 12 hours timer counter at nine o clock position. Moreover, the blue luminescence on the dial will glow in the dark.

Though the replica watches manufacturer designed the Daytona ice blue replica to look like the original Rolex watch. Moreover, you should find a genuine dealer of replica watch before you buy any replica watch to avoid any fraud.

The Tachymetric Bezel

It is equipped with a high-performance chronograph, a vital factor of this model identity. It has a tachymetric scale engraved in the bezel for measuring the average speed of 400 kilometers or miles per hour.

The Rolex company has blended the high technology with a sleek aesthetics look; the black bezel is repeating the 1965 model's history, which was fitted with a black Plexiglas bezel. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona offers a number of advantages to the user with monobloc cerachrom bezel in high-tech ceramic.

It makes the watch extremely durable and provides a tremendous legible tachymetric scale, thanks to the PVD process for depositing the thin layer of platinum in the graduation and numerals. The bezel is made in a single piece that holds the sapphire crystal firmly in its place and ensures water resistance. Though the seller of Daytona ice blue replica offers superior quality products to their customer, you have to find an online licensed replica that sells genuine products at a fair price.

The Case

Daytona's case features various functions on the right side of the case; you will witness the start, drive, stop pushers; which are screw-down when they are not in use like a winding crown. Moreover, that case guarantees 100 meters of water resistance, and it is made from the noblest metal that is platinum 950.

The most advanced technology made it easy for the person to press the start, stop, or reset to produce the timepiece's crisp and clear click. The watermark of Rolex present on the pushers mechanism fits the ideal finger of the user. It is engineered to provide the user with instant and accurate start the timing without losing any reliability.

Thus, it is the same in the replica watch case, but apart from using platinum to manufacturer the case, they use superior quality metal and alloy that gives it a shiny and smooth look to the case. Though, as we discussed, there are many dealers out there selling replica watches, you have to be attentive to choose the right one for you that provides superior quality replicas.

4130 Caliber Movement

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is equipped with the superlative performance of caliber 4130; it is an automatic-winding chronograph movement manufactured and developed by Rolex. It is incorporated with fewer components than the standard chronograph; it enhances the movement's reliability.

The 4130 movements are designed to provide precise watches that successfully pass the official Swiss chronometer test. The chronograph movement has a parachronism hairspring, providing greater resistance from temperature variations and shocks. However, the replica watches replicate the movement mechanism to provide the user with the same interference.

The manufacturer of replica watches is working hard to offers the same movement mechanism in their replica watches. Moreover, they use robust steel to resist some serious shocks and still resist water upto 10 meters. But it would be best for you to avoid getting it into the water.

The 50th Anniversary Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506

The Bracelet

Rolex uses advanced technology to develop the design and manufacture of the bracelets and clasps. With keep the impeccable beauty in mind, they develop all the components in such a way to give it an aesthetic look.

The alchemy of function and form Is supported by oyster steel used in the bracelet; thus, it is strong and high resistance to corrosion and perfectly fits any wrist to provide great comfort to the wearer. Moreover, the Rolex manufacturer has used platinum in the links of bracelets and clasps to make it more sturdy and comfortable.

Rolex is known for its unique creation of watches that go beyond the expectations of the user. Thus, providing the user with a great experience through quality watches for many years. If you are looking to buy a Daytona ice blue replica, you should look online for a replica's genuine dealer.